List handler middleware in Zend Expressive PHP REST API

We make a List handler middleware in a Zend Expressive PHP REST API application for a project using Doctrine ORM in PhpStorm.

Configuring a Web Server

The preferred way to develop your Symfony application is to use Symfony Local Web Server.

Introduction to Service Worker - Progressive Web App Training

Service workers are at the core of PWA techniques for resource-caching and push notifications. This video shows you what a Service Worker is, what it can do, and explains the Service Worker

Airbnb React/JSX Style Guide

This style guide is mostly based on the standards that are currently prevalent in JavaScript, although some conventions (i.e async/await or static class fields) may still be included or prohibited on a case-by-case basis.

Totally Tooling Tips: Ta ta for now

The dynamic duo of Addy and Matt have one last episode before saying a fond farewell to everyone in the final Totally Tooling Tips episode.

Requirements for Running Symfony

You are browsing the Symfony 4 documentation, which changes significantly from Symfony 3.x. If your app doesn't use Symfony 4 yet, browse the Symfony 3.4 documentation.

Progressive Web Apps: Intro and Setup

Welcome to the Progressive Web Apps course! This video provides a short introduction to the course, giving an overview of what topics and API’s are covered. The format of this course is simple: we show you something, you build stuff, and repeat!

JavaScript Symbols - HTTP203

Jake Archibald explains JavaScript Symbols to Surma in 2 minutes. What do you use them for!? Why!? All will be revealed... #HTTP203

Solving Clickjacking - HTTP 203

Clickjacking changed the way we have to interact with content from other sites, such as "like" buttons, but could Intersection Observer V2 come to the rescue?

Class-based Tree Shaking - HTTP203

Jake Archibald and Surma talk tree shaking in this episode of HTTP203. And show you some code! For the first time. Lovely.

6 Tips for Using Strings in Go

If you are coming to Go from another language like Ruby or Python there are a lot of changes to take in, and many of these revolve around the string type

Work Life Balance - HTTP203

In #HTTP203 Surma (@DasSurma) & Jake (@Jaffathecake) discuss how to hack the work-life balancing act.